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Toner Products

    Custom Effects Low Lights Cinnamon


    Description: Spend over £25 and get a free £25 cosmetics pack and free delivery.custom effects low lights lets you choose a custom salon look and makes it happen in three simple steps. use the precision applicator to place the colour in fine lines or chunky accents just where you want. shampoo in exclusive smart toner, a colour perfector that zooms in on your lowlights and leaves the rest of your hair alone. complete your look with the finishing conditioner for silky smooth, shiny hair.

    Price: $3.3
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    Precision Alcohol-free Soothing Toner 200ml


    Description: Spend over £25 and get a free £25 cosmetics pack and free delivery.activateur tendre has a gentle, alcohol free formula with a fresh and delicate texture. These give sensitive skins instant soothing and hydrating sensations, as well as a feeling of protection. The skin feels soft, supple and comfortable.

    Price: $19.95
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    Decleor Matifying Lotion 135oz 400ml


    Description: A fresh, alcohol free, plant based water for clean skin that stays shine free. Specially formulated for combination and oily skin, this toner can be used any time of the day.

    Price: $43
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    Decleor Tonifying Lotion 336oz 1000ml


    Description: The inseparable partner to the cleansing milk, for skin that feels unbelievably soft and fresh. A soft pink toner for all skin types, with lavender and petit grain essential oils and orange, kiwi and mallow essential waters.

    Price: $94
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    LancÔme Tonique Confort Re-hydrating Comforting Toner Dry Skin 135oz 400ml


    Description: Silky soft moisturizing formula gently tones and immediately rehydrates the complexion. Instantly soothing and especially adapted to the needs of dry skin, with honey and almond seed extract for perfectly clean, soft and comforted skin. Dermatologist tested for safety.

    Price: $49
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    LancÔme Tonique Eclat Clarifying Exfoliating Toner 67oz 200ml


    Description: Tissue off. Rich in anti oxidants, white lotus and rose de frace. For all skin types.

    Price: $26
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    Md Skincare All-in-one Facial Cleanser With Toner 8oz 236ml


    Description: Md skincare all in one facial cleanser with toner is a single step cleanser combining a gentle toner and makeup remover. For all skin types, greate for normal, sensitive and problem skin.

    Price: $36
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    Sisley Floral Toning Lotion Alcohol-free 84oz 250ml


    Description: For softer, fresher, more comfortable skin. Toner designed to perfect make up removal and keep skin looking clear and fresh.formulated with soothing and softening extracts of rose, cornflower and witch hazel, floral toning lotion is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and skin prone to dryness.

    Price: $68
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    Sisley Grapefruit Toning Lotion For Combination Oily Skin 84oz 250ml


    Description: Botanical grapefruit toning lotion is a toner specially formulated for combination to oily skin, to help address excess sebum.botanical grapefruit toning lotion is a very refreshing formula with a low alcohol content designed to be used every day to help to tone skin, tighten its pores and tackle excessive shine.skin appears softer, fresher and shine free, which not only looks more attractive, but also helps improve make up wear.

    Price: $65
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    Yves Saint Laurent Age Expert Set 1box


    Description: Yves saint laurent age expert set includes:age defying cream spf 15 gentle milk cleanser hydrating beauty toner a ysl cosmetic bag

    Price: $69
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    Ahava Matifying Toner


    Description: Get a flawlessly finished face. Besides maintaining your complexion, it also contracts the pores, stimulates circulation, prevents infection, and balances your skin's ph level.

    Price: $22
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    Ahava Mineral Toning Water


    Description: This toner refreshes skin without drying or irritating. Alcohol free and based on ahava's osmoter component, it contracts pores, restores the skin's natural ph balance and prevents infection, while at the same time stimulating circulation to nourish the face's skin cells.

    Price: $22
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