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Princess Marina De Bourbon Skincare Products
20 Products

    Guinot Smoothing Body Scrub 200ml68oz


    Description: A smooth cleansing body scrub eliminates dry cells while cleansing the skin helps awakens the body from head to toe provides skin to get the most out of the skincare product creates a silken healthy looking glow suitable for all skin types

    Price: $29.5
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    Shiseido The Skincare Eye Soother 15ml05oz


    Description: An anti puffiness/dark circles eye gel immediately diminishes signs of fatigue removes the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines offers optimal protection against external aggressions greatly reinforces skin's protective barrier helps restore a youthful & vibrant look

    Price: $39
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    Laura Biagiotti Tempore Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml33oz


    Description: Provides effective protection against wetness & odor incredibly helps glides on smoothly & comfortably ensures a natural long lasting skincare treatment lightweight formula offers quick dry formula suitable for all skin types delicately scented

    Price: $71
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    Shiseido The Skincare Hydro-balancing Softner Alcohol-free 150ml5oz


    Description: An absolute hydro balance softener instantly provides a burst of refreshment helps restore & smooth out your skin effectively removes all the lingering impurities greatly restores skin?s ph balance suitable for all skin types

    Price: $35
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    Shiseido The Skincare Purifying Cleansing Foam 125ml46oz


    Description: A gentle purifying cleansing foam effectively removes makeup & impurities contains a gentle & exfoliating effects provides a mild & yet thorough cleansing leaves skin feeling completely clear & clean suitable for all skin types

    Price: $30
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    Stendhal Recette Merveilleuse Ovale Lift Remodelling Skincare Reinforced Action 50ml166oz


    Description: An instant facial lifting beauty gel immediately provides facial lift helps refine your beautiful facial contour offers an instant tightening effect leaves skin looking younger & firmer suitable for all skin types

    Price: $71.5
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