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Phyto Hair Care Products
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    Phyto Phytolisse Ultra Smooth Finishing Serum Anti-frizz 50ml17oz


    Description: Helps tame unwanted curls & rebellious frizzy hair instantly restores a sleek shiny appearance to hair extract of althaea combined with pro vitamin b5 moisturizes & protects hair without weighing it down suitable for straight hair too for ultra smooth finish offers benefits of hair care & styling agent

    Price: $30.5
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    Alterna White Truffle Luxury Shampoo


    Description: Alterna luxuryexperience the ultimate in luxury. B vitamins are vital to the promotion of healthy, beautiful hair. They enhance the strength of the hair, reduce split ends and protect the hair from breakage without causing buildup.lavish your hair in the luxury of alterna's private reserve white truffle shampoo, now available in limited quantities. Nutrient activating enzymes and the world's most expensive hair care ingredients combed from the farthest reaches of the globe infuse the scalp and hair for added conditioning moisture, elasticity and extraordinary shine."

    Price: $30
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    Phyto Phytosquame Intensive Treatment Formula 5tubes 8ml


    Description: Phytosquame intensive treatment formula with chaulmoogra oil is an intensive formula for persistent dandruff conditions that are accompanied by itching, phytosquame directly targets the causes of dandruff.known since antiquity as a treatment for skin disorders and now used for the first time in hair care, chaulmoogra oil reinforces the action of piroctone olamine by helping to loosen persistent dandruff scales. Finally melaleuca essence, also known as tea tree, with widely recognized soothing properties, brings rapid relief to itching.

    Price: $52
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    Phyto Phytoaxil Fortifying Intensive Care


    Description: Is your hair to thin and fine to flaunt? phyto phytoaxil fortifying intensive care is a leave in treatment designed to encourage hair growth, revitalize limp and fine hair, and bring back the volume and shine your hair has been lacking.

    Price: $50
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