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Philosophy Falling In Love Gift Set
Philosophy Falling In Love Gift Set
Product Description
if you are searching for the perfect gift for a special someone, than philosophy's falling in love gift set is just what you are looking for. the falling in love fragrance was created for one reason and one reason only....to make a woman feel and smell absolutely, positively, romantic. falling in love is worn by women and loved by men.kit includes:2oz falling in love Fragrance8oz falling in love Shower Gelyou need this product if:you like lacy lingerie but don't wear it- now you can! you want to add a sensual evening scent to your fragrance collection you want to feel and smell sexy you are a hopeless romanticthis product must be shipped ground and cannot be shipped to a p.o. box due to its alcohol contenthow to apply:apply falling in love shower gel to wet body or scalp. lather and massage. rinse thoroughly with warm water. after the shower, lightly spray falling in love fragrance (1-2 squirts) onto clean, dry skin.International CustomersPhilosophy products cannot be shipped to the U.
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