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    Eau De Parfum Natural Spray For Women 50ml


    Description: Spend over £25 and get a free £25 cosmetics pack and free delivery. She's famous. She's an expert at attracting attention. She's in the spotlight wherever she goes. She's setting new standards for socialites. She always seems to be at the centre of things. Who is she? paris hilton, of course. and now, sharing the spotlight with her is her first perfume. Like paris herself, it is mysterious, intriguing and beautiful. Rich in its appeal, it defines that moment in time when powerful sensuality and breathtaking beauty are captured in a way that all can enjoy. Now, you can have the opportunity to share a bit of the magic that is paris hilton. Find out what it smells like to be a star. this fragrance opens with a sheer sophistication that personifies its creator. Chic enough to be worn on the runways of milan, while retaining a brilliant flirtatious charm, this head turning fragrance can be dressed up or down for both day and evening wear. cool and radiant, the top presents an ethereal halo with delicious notes of frozen apple and juicy peach nectar wrapped with sparkling muguet and a splash of wet ozone. a luminous bouquet of sensual floralcy is at the heart of this fragrance. Delicate mimosa blossoms are entwined with sheer freesia and night blooming jasmine petals, while heady, rich tuberose provides depth and texture. at its base, creamy sandalwood is infused with oakmoss and laced with feminine ylang ylang blossoms. Musk rounds and softens the scent while a touch of pheromones creates a sensual energy and undeniable allure that makes this fragrance the perfect signature for paris hilton.

    Price: $18.95
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    Fujiyama Black Label


    Description: Men's 3.3 oz edt spray.

    Price: $27.99
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    Fujiyama Deep Purple


    Description: Women's 3.3 oz edt spray.

    Price: $25.99
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    Fujiyama Green


    Description: Women's 3.4 oz edt spray.

    Price: $28.99
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