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Naomi Campbell Lotion Products
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    Borghese Terme Bianco Spa-whitening Cleansing Lotion 130ml44oz


    Description: A brightening cleansing lotion safety even for sensitive skin tissue off formula gently cleanse while rendering special soothing properties prepares skin to absorb most out of moisturizer leaves skin clean smooth & soft

    Price: $41.5
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    Borghese Protective Fluid Spf15 50ml17oz


    Description: A lightweight protective moisture lotion with spf15 to protect skin from uva & uvb hydrates & moisturizes the skin all day long suitable for all skin types

    Price: $41.5
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    Christian Dior Dune After Shave Lotion Splash 100ml33oz


    Description: An invigorating tonic treats the face & neck to a refreshing beneficial lift splash it on & feel a light cooling sensation apply generously you will instantly feel revived & refreshed suitable for all skin types

    Price: $50.5
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    Clarins New Eye Contour Balm Special 20ml07oz


    Description: Maintains youthful eye expressions lightweight easily absorbed lotion perfects daily treatment help minimize fine lines and crow's feet recommends for all skin types and for dry skin

    Price: $42.5
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