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Moisturizer Products

    Instant Tanning System With Lotion 3 Piece Set


    Description: Spend over £25 and get a free £25 cosmetics pack and free delivery. The st tropez instant tanning system has all you need for the perfect tan. Indulge yourself with the richest tan in the most luxurious way without the sun. this 3 piece tanning system includes 1 x body polisher step 1 st. Tropez body polisher will refine and renew your skin to create an even, longer lasting tan and will leave your body feeling polished all over. Uncover smoother, softer skin. The beautiful teal blue colour is as rich as the french riviera. 1 x body moisturiser step 2 st. Tropez body moisturizer is a luxurious blend of botanicals, essential oils, and herbs, combined with l tyrosine in an aloe vera base. Use daily to replenish lost moisture. 1 x tinted self tan lotion step 3 st. Tropez self tan lotion works instantly for a streakless application that will last for days. The aloe vera based lotion is non greasy and quick drying, with a relaxing aromatic scent. Conveniently formulated in one maximum strength shade that can be custom blended with the body moisturiser to your own desired shade.

    Price: $29.45
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    Ck One Electric


    Description: Women's 6.7 oz skin moisturizer. This fresh cologne as top notes of lime cedar leaves mandarin. And the base notes are musk amber cedar.

    Price: $23.99
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    Night Essential Moisturizer Light


    Description: Women's 2.5 oz .

    Price: $36.99
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    212 Sexy By Carolina Herrera 2 Piece Gift Set For Men


    Description: This gift set includes a 3.4oz eau de toilette spray, and a 3.4oz smooth after shave moisturizer in a toiletry bag. Launched by the design house of carolina herrera in 2006, 212 sexy by carolina herrera for men posesses a blend of: green leaf, musk, amber bergamot, mandarin, pepper, sandalwood, cardamom, flowers, vanilla, guaiacwood

    Price: $59.99
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    Red By Beverly Hills 68 Oz Perfumed Body Moisturizer For Women Lotion


    Description: Created by the design house of giorgio beverly hills in 1989, red is classified as a sharp, woody, mossy fragrance. Accompanied by spicy notes of oakmoss and musk.

    Price: $22.99
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    Wings By Beverly Hills 2 Piece Gift Set For Women


    Description: This gift set includes a 3 oz eau de toilette spray, and a 3.4 oz perfumed body moisturizer. Wings is a blend of gingerlily, blue rose, osmanthus, and passion flower. The bottle was inspired by the 'winged victory' sculpture at the louvre museum in paris.

    Price: $28.99
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    BeautÉ De KosÉ Ultimation Moisturizer 42oz 125ml


    Description: Beaute de kose ultimation moisturizer soften the skin prone to hardness with the optimal balance between moisture and oil like relaxing feeling. The moisturizer that makes the skin fine textured and smooth to give the elastic firmness.

    Price: $47
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    Biotherm Biopur Pore Reducer Non-stop Purifying Moisturizer 169oz 50ml


    Description: Saponine water, with properties similar to those of a natural soap, astringent copper, oil regulating zinc, and mattifying starch are combined in a purifying moisturizer, incorporating pore inside technology, to act at the very heart of pores, thereby refining skin texture and controlling shine.pores are visibly tightened and stay that way; a clearer matte finish and clean skin feeling throughout the day.biopur pore reducer products are best for combination to oily skin.

    Price: $36
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    Biotherm Homme Ultra Confort Moisturizing Balm Soothing After Shave 253oz 75ml


    Description: With biotherm innovation cashmere technology. Biotherm homme introduces ultra confort, a balm that reproduces the sensation of cashmere on your skin. Skin is fresh, supple and soft.

    Price: $39
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    Biotherm Hydra-detox Bio-defensis Detoxifying Moisturizer Fresh 169oz 50ml


    Description: Biotherm hydra detox bio defensis detoxifying moisturizer is more effective on purified and balanced skin. This fluid gel combines the detox complex, pure extract of thermal plankton and a lactobacillus derivative in an ultra moisturizing texture to strengthen your skin's natural defenses, leaving it better prepared to protect itself from daily aggression.

    Price: $46
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    Clarins Multi-active Day Cream Protection Plus 17oz 50ml


    Description: Fight the first signs of aging with this complete time released moisturizer that regulates daily stresses responsible for premature aging.a potent combination of protective botanicals helps avoid the appearance of first lines while insuring perfectly hydrated comfortable skin. The refreshing, ultra light formula is ideal for warm, humid climates.

    Price: $66
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    Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer All Skin Types 50ml


    Description: The power of benzoyl peroxide to help treate existing acne and prevent futhre breakouts. Controls excess oil throughout the day. Calms, soothes, reduces redness. Skin feels soft, smooth, comfortable.clinique acne solutions skin system is specifically formulated to open clogged pores and treat and prevent blemishes.

    Price: $35
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