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Heat Products

    Sun Care Smoothing Cream-gel Spf10 200ml


    Description: Spend over £25 and get a free £25 cosmetics pack and free delivery.clarins sun care smoothing cream gel rapid tanning has an spf10, so is heat resistant with uvb uva filters. The cream gel moisturises and promotes beautiful skin with aloe vera and vitamin e. A lightweight, non oily texture, promotes an even long lasting tan.

    Price: $15.3
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    Sun Care Soothing Cream Progressive Tanning Spf20 200ml


    Description: Spend over £25 and get a free £25 cosmetics pack and free delivery.clarins sun care soothing cream progressive tanning has an spf20, so is heat resistant with uvb uva filters. the soothing cream gives sun protection for all skin types exposed to intense sunlight. This is a non oily cream that glides on easily.

    Price: $15.3
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    Amor Amor Tentation


    Description: Women's 1.7 oz edp spray. Its violet lonesome and seductive successor named amor amor tentation. In fire of desires and passions its new notes will awaken all hidden senses. It was announced as a scandalous fragrance which will bring you into the center of attention with a wish to seduce you like no other.

    Price: $46.99
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    Kapsule Floriental


    Description: Women's 0.17 oz edt mini. Kapsule floriental is refined subtle and eveloping. A modern sensuality born from a fatal accord of black tea violet and ivy leaves.this sensual and unexpected scent beckons you to the surprises of love. It has stripped down the slightly heavy construction of its original family to reinvent its identity. More modern and subtle. With ravaging incandescence it prefers the diffuse heat of the skin. It presents itself with distinction: green acute ivy leaves give it structure. Ever so tactfully it imprisons you in a fatal accord of violet and black tea leaves. It cannot be accused of lacking elegance.

    Price: $15.99
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    Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak


    Description: An essential for athletic men and women or those with rheumatic aches and pains, this deep heat, aromatherapeutic remedy is a powerful antidote to aching muscles. Energizing and warming extracts of birch, juniper, clove, alpine lavender, wild thyme and blue chamomile, combined with mineral rich sea salt, ease tired muscles and recharge the body.

    Price: $55
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    Elemis Ice-cool Sun Lotion Spf 12


    Description: A soothing, nourishing and toning gel cream for the face and body. Refreshing extracts of peppermint and wild mint are a cooling antidote to the heat of the sun.

    Price: $39
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    Frederic Fekkai Ageless Restructuring Conditioner


    Description: Replenishes natural keratin reserves to rebuild hair's core structure and strength. The anti aging formulation restores hair's intrinsic strength, structure and vitality. With continued use, hair is protected and stays younger looking longer.

    Price: $35
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    Frederic Fekkai All Day Hair Plump


    Description: Frederic fekkai all day hair plump is a light cream that repairs damaged hair and provides bio conditioning to reinforce the cuticle for increased hair strength. It's formulated with a wealth of natural and biochemically derived ingredients that are known to protect, nourish, and rebuild hair.

    Price: $95
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