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Gosmile Go Discover Teeth Whitening Discovery Kit Kit An 80 Value
Gosmile Go Discover Teeth Whitening Discovery Kit Kit An 80 Value
Product Description
GO SMiLE GO Discover Kit brings you everything you need to brighten your smile?in a convenient travel-friendly tote. Jump-start your whitening regimen with three days' worth of Smile Whitening Ampoules. Maintain your radiant results with specialized morning and evening toothpastes, and seven refreshing, polishing, stain-fighting Touch Ups. A chic, mirrored compact and travel toothbrush make this toolkit complete, so you can flash your bright, shiny teeth wherever you GO! Set Contains: 6 x patented ampoules (3 day supply), 7 x Touch Ups, AM Toothpaste, PM Toothpaste, Mirrored Compact, Travel Toothbrush, Travel Tote.
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