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Comptoir Sud Pacifique Heat Products
20 Products

    Bumble And Bumble Does It All Spray 300ml10oz


    Description: A multi function aerosol mist for grooming hair offers curling ironing twisting frizzing fluffing & holding effects gives workable brushable pliable & medium control lightweight & heat protection ideal for every step from setting to finish to use: apply to dry & styled hair & build as many layers as needed

    Price: $31
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    Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak 400ml1408oz


    Description: A soothing aid for athletes or rheumatic aches & pains deep heat aroma therapeutic remedy for relieving aching muscles contains energizing & warming extracts of various ingredients includes birch juniper clove alpine lavender wild thyme & blue chamomile blended with mineral rich sea salt to ease tired muscles & recharge body

    Price: $52.5
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    Elemis Ice Cool Sun Lotion Europe Spf 8 Usa Spf 12 125ml44oz


    Description: A multi function gel cream for face & body offers soothing nourishing & toning effects protects skin against harmful uva/b rays loaded with refreshing extracts of peppermint & wild mint works as a cooling antidote to the heat of sun leaves skin soft supple & refreshed

    Price: $37
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    Calvin Klein Contradiction Parfum 15ml05oz


    Description: The scents for chinese eucalyptus orchid and a hint of syringa heat notes are muguet jasmine and sandalwood

    Price: $101
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