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Cle De Peau Body Care Products
20 Products

    Guinot Nutrizone Lift 200ml68oz


    Description: A retinol vitamin c firming body care effectively improves skin's elasticity & firmness helps nourish & soften your body skin contains retinol vitamin c to restore softness leaves skin looking greatly younger & softer suitable for all skin types

    Price: $49.5
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    La Mer Body Lotion 200ml67oz


    Description: An extraordinary body care product its exclusive deconstructed waters enhance the moisturizing effect the silky formulation protects skin from dehydration offers the optimum effects in soothing & nourishing skin diminishes the appearance of minor discolorations skin becomes soft & supple leaves a refreshing & comfortable feeling

    Price: $138
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    Sk Ii Body Designer 250g83oz


    Description: An intensive body contouring treatment effectively provides firmness while moisturizing contains skii pitera & body niacin complex to prevent dryness with plant derived ingredients helps keep body resilient firm an ideal daily body refining beauty care suitable for all skin types

    Price: $76.5
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    Clarins Extra Firming Body Care Rich Replenishing Cream 200ml7oz


    Description: Helps stimulate micro circulation to restore the youthfulness of skin intensively moisturizes skin with rich nutrients the skin becomes firmer softer & more elastic refines body contours with long lasting result instantly relieves the body stress & tiredness non greasy. Quickly penetrates into the skin

    Price: $65
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    Lancaster Sun Care Tan Deepener 200ml67oz


    Description: This lightly tined body gel is suitable for those with or without tans immediately offers skin a glow while helping you to boost tan neutralizes free radicals to minimize premature aging quenches skin with moisture to prevent dehydration & flaking leaves skin soft supple with longer lasting & radiant tan dermatologist tested

    Price: $40.5
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    Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion Spf 34 Pa 100ml34oz


    Description: A rich nourishing sun care lotion for the face & body offers extremely high protection against the harmful uva/uvb rays strengthens the natural defense mechanism from sunburn & signs of early aging light texture that penetrates into skin quickly & easily absorbed provides optimal hydration to maintain moisture within cells water resistant. Keeps skin soft supple & healthy dermatologist tested

    Price: $35.5
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    Kanebo Sensai Throat Bust Lifting Effect Formula 100ml34oz


    Description: This body care refines neckline & bust with long lasting effect proven to make neck & bust firmer & smoother offers optimal hydration to bath skin with moisture reduces wrinkles & evens out skin tone exquisitely texture penetrates quickly & leaves satiny finish dermatologist tested

    Price: $96
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    Tweezerman Body Waxing Tweezer -


    Description: A quality tool helps grab difficult to reach hair perfect for eyebrows facial chin & legs hair hand filed stainless steel tips care: do not drop tweezers. This may damage tip & throw tweezers out of alignment. If work under skin cleanse skin & disinfect tip with alcohol

    Price: $21
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