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Borghese Blush Milano - Frascati
Borghese Blush Milano - Frascati
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Product Description
"BORGHESE Blush Milano’s fresh, natural shades provide glow-from-within colour. The long-lasting formula lasts for hours without streaking while conditioning skin. Subtle, natural colour. Contains Acqua di Vita Complex to ensure moisture balance. Non-pore clogging. Fragrance-free, irritant-free. It’s recommended to use with BORGHESE Hydro-Minerali Natural Finish Makeup BORGHESE B-Moisture Advanced Care Lipcolour Directions: Sweep brush over BORGHESE Blush Milano and apply. Add contour and slim face: Start at hairline and move towards the nose keeping the colour two fingers below the eye. Natural ""apple of the cheek"" glow: Apply colour on the apple of the cheek and blend towards the temple. Net Weight: 0.16 oz."
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