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Body care Products

    Lancaster Tan Maximizer Soothing Moisturizer


    Description: This lightweight cream gives a delicious, soothing sensation to sun exposed skin.suitable for all skin types, tan maximizer soothing moisturizer gives your skin a more intense, longer lasting tan.you will be left with soft, supple, radiant skin, better prepared for subsequent sun exposure. Benefits: naturally enhances tanning up to 50% to 80%. Active hydrating properties re moisturize dehydrated skin and reduce the risk of peeling.directions for use:apply generously to face and body after sun exposure.use for at least two weeks to increase your tan.for the ultimate refreshing experience, keep your after sun care in the fridge.

    Price: $25
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    Loccitane Grape Bath Tonic


    Description: L'occitane's grape bath tonic is pure delight for the senses, this bath care product washes away tension and fills the body with a wonderful feeling of weightlessness.it revitalizes the skin and leaves it incredibly soft, enveloped in a veil of delicious scent.its two phase formula brings together, in a single product, the benefits of nourishing grape seed oil, invigorating cypress essential oil, stimulating red vine leaf extract and revitalizing organic grape juice from provence.directions for use:shake well in order to mix the two phases, then pour about 50ml into bath water and agitate.when in the bath, gently massage legs from ankles up to hips to give a feeling of lightness.finish by showering with cold water.use twice a week.international customers l'occitane products cannot be shipped outside the u.s.

    Price: $26
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    Philosophy Baby Grace Lotion


    Description: Philosophy's perfumed baby grace body lotion is infused with a scent that was created for women who need their turn at being the baby. The baby grace scent is formulated with calming, care giving notes to help restore a sense of well being. Apply a generous amount of baby grace perfumed body lotion to skin with fingertips and massage in gently with a soothing, circular motion.international customersphilosophy products cannot be shipped to the u.k.

    Price: $34
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    Abdo Choc Tightening Concentrate For Stomach


    Description: Abdo choc tightening concentrate for stomach by biotherm for unisex 5.07 oz body care

    Price: $31.2
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    Body Resculpt - Bust


    Description: Body resculpt bust by biotherm for women 1.69 oz body care

    Price: $36.48
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    Body Resculpt - Svelt


    Description: Body resculpt svelt by biotherm for unisex 6.76 oz body care

    Price: $56.16
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    Botanical Oasis Body Wash


    Description: Botanical oasis body wash by peter thomas roth for unisex 8.5 oz body care

    Price: $17.76
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    Bright Plus Hp Brightening Body Veil Spf 20


    Description: Bright plus hp brightening body veil spf 20 by clarins for unisex 6.7 oz body care

    Price: $38.4
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