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Bobbi Brown Tweezer Products
20 Products

    Bobbi Brown Brush Case Professional Size


    Description: A soft zip around case** in black faux leather designed especially for bobbi brown brushes. Available in two sizes.**empty case

    Price: $35
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    Tweezerman Body Waxing Tweezer -


    Description: A quality tool helps grab difficult to reach hair perfect for eyebrows facial chin & legs hair hand filed stainless steel tips care: do not drop tweezers. This may damage tip & throw tweezers out of alignment. If work under skin cleanse skin & disinfect tip with alcohol

    Price: $21
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    Tweezerman Point Tweezer -


    Description: Features sharp aligned stainless steel hand filed points guarantees perfect tweezing effect ideal for stubble & ingrown hairs clean & replace protective cap on tweezer tips after use

    Price: $20.5
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    Tweezerman Point Slant Tweezer -


    Description: Combines a slant & point tweezer in one features aligned hand filed tips made of polished stainless steel effective for coarse facial hair

    Price: $25.5
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    Pencil Brow Stylist Tool


    Description: Innovative brow styling tool combines tweezer, brow brush and pencil into one easy to use implement in the brow stylist professional 3 in 1 brow tool by l'oréal.

    Price: $8.99
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    Point Tweezer


    Description: Tweeze even the finest hairs with these hand polished, pointed tip tweezers.

    Price: $22
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    Pointed Tip Tweezer


    Description: Nothing will escape the grasp of this grooming tool even those tiny brow hairs that drive you crazy.

    Price: $2.99
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    Slant Tip Deluxe Tweezer


    Description: Elegantly curved, these angled tweezers provide the kind of delicate touch you demand in your beauty regiment.

    Price: $3.19
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