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Academie Gel Products
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    Academie Hypo-sensible Dynamizing Gel Cream 50ml17oz


    Description: Formulated with innovative & performing active ingredients releases vital nutritive elements in skin to regenerate cutaneous barrier with anti irritating properties to calm & protect skin moisturizes upper layers of epidermis to keep optimal hydration energizes skin & improves cell renewal leaves skin soft supple & toned

    Price: $51
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    Academie Men Cleansing Non-foaming Gel 150ml5oz


    Description: A cleanser to prep skin for a unique shaving experience formulated from cocktail of oak & birch natural extracts provides tonifying moisturizing calming & anti oxidizing benefits with active ingredient of vegetable origin to moisturize skin helps razor glides smoothly for a close comfortable shave

    Price: $27.5
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    Academie Men Eye Contour Gel 15ml05oz


    Description: Formulated from unique blend of oak & birch natural extracts offers tonifying moisturizing calming & anti oxydizing properties eliminates appearance of fine lines & wrinkles yeast extracts & acid complex enhance blood capillary network reduces puffiness & dark circles leaves eye zone velvety smooth & radiant

    Price: $30
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    Academie 100 Hydraderm Velvet Gel-cream For Body 200ml67oz


    Description: Provides oasis of moisture to skin offers instantaneous comfort to dehydrated epidermis skin restores optimum moisture balance keeps skin hydrated for hours leaves skin soft dewy & delicately scented apply after a bath or shower

    Price: $43
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